Specialty Services

iOS Architect at Vokal

For most of my life, programming was a hobby. I’d work on web sites, utility scripts, and even full applications in my free time for fun or because something in my non-programming day job was just screaming at me to be automated or reworked or otherwise improved by programming. Now, programming is my job, and I still love it just as much as when it was a hobby—I get to solve problems, be challenged, help others, and continue to learn, and it’s my job.

Presentations, Talks, Workshops

Talks.IsaacGreenspan.com is where I post materials from presentations, talks, and workshops that I have given (generally math and math education).
Web Design and Programming
Technical Editing and Proofreading
Mathematics Contest Question-Writing and Proofreading
Data Transformation and Processing
At present, I am not taking on new clients.

Contact: [email protected]